“TheCeļotājs” –
Russian Tsar’s Remnants of Karosta Naval Port

Station of Homing Pigeons – ANNO 1900 
Lat: N56.54995, Lon: E021.01581
Pulkveža Brieža iela 6,
Karosta, Liepāja, Latvia
The station was built from 1899 until 1900. It was intended for 450 homing pigeons. Earlier by 1896, another pigeon station was built in the fortress that was intended for 750 liaison pigeons. It was disposed in the northern end of the present Atmodas Avenue, behind the Mortar Coastal Battery of Artillery Cannon No. 3. However, it has not remained to this day. 
The architect of the Homing Pigeon Station is unknown as of today. The construction costs were 10.6 thousand Russian Rubles. 
By a resolution of the Russian Navy Ministry of 24 January 1900 the annual budget and list of staff members were approved, 8 military personal served at the Homing Pigeon Station. There is a tale about the head of the Station who spent for selfish purposes the money that had been earmarked for the pigeons’ nutriment, 1.29 Russian Rubles per bird annually. Before World War I, the Homing Pigeon Station of the Liepaja Naval Port and fortress used to arrange specific maneuvers annually to train the pigeons in quick and exact post deliveries to the addressee. It is known, for example, that the maneuvers of 1907 were a great success, returned 90% of the pigeons that had been taken to Copenhagen. 
The Pigeon Station was rebuilt many times and today it is a private home.
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