“TheCeļotājs” –
Russian Tsar’s Remnants of Karosta Naval Port

Karosta Naval Port Manege – ANNO 1904 
Lat: N56.54932, Lon: E021.02990
The Indoors Horse Riding and Gymnastics Manege –
Zemgales iela 15,
Karosta, Liepāja, Latvia
The building was erected from 1903 until 1904 and it is a part of a technological complex including also the boiler house, the electric station and the Small Gymnastics Manege “Devastated in 1997”. 
The author is unknown. The building had a light roof of riveted metal constructions and a tin-plated lining. To let the light into the large hall, windows were produced and glass tiles installed in the roof ceiling. The interior of the hall was a modest one, a folding stage and portable chairs, a floor of pressed sawdust. On the East side there is a concrete plinth visible, this was a place for small Orthodox Manege Church with two entrances.
Every Sunday before World War I, performances of cavalry and artillery horses, as well as of the sport horses of the senior officers were arranged, also competitions in nimbleness of the horsemen took place. During the weeks, the hall was adapted to the sailors’ needs for gymnastics exercise. 
As the hall could hold a large number of people, official meals for the garrison sailors were hosted here too. 
In line with the celebrating festivities of the 300 years of the Romanovs’ Dynasty’s resigning over the whole Russia Empire over the period from 13 January to 26 April 1913 the Liepaja Garrison, too, gave a party in the two Officers’ Conventions House. In the same time, on 21 February 1913, the sailors got the festive dinner for 4000 persons in the Manege. The Manege building, suffered severely from the World War II hostilities, it burnt out and the metal constructions of the roof was ruined. The USSR occupation troops made use of the Manege as a convenient shelter and depot for the motor battalion, with extra enclosed ought quality walls, walling up architectonically valuable window aisles.
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