“TheCeļotājs” –
Russian Tsar’s Remnants of Karosta Naval Port

House of Two Admirals – ANNO 1899 
Lat: N56.55276, Lon: E021.00823
Katedrales iela 2,
Karosta, Liepāja, Latvia
The plans of the building were drawn up by the Russian architects K. Kopishtshev, N. Vinidiktov, S. Kovalyov. The drawings of architectural and engineering solutions were approved in 1 April 1896 in Saint Petersburg. Ecection was carried out over 1897-1899. From the beginning, the building was intended for the needs of the Tsar and his family members. The construction costs were 92.2 thousand Russian Rubles. The interior decoration is highly modest while the exterior is florid including plastering panels, faun figures of the Greek-Roman myths, flower vases and urns. There were two spacious balconies on the first floor, one at each end, with high decorated exterior barriers. These had been constructed this way to prevent from draughts as the balconies were the place where the adjutants laid lunch or served the afternoon tea from the silver samovars for officers. In the backyard of the building, there was a complex of one-story outhouses of red and yellow bricks with living rooms for the adjutants and valets of the Headquarters. These were removed recently during 1994-1997. 
In May 1901 and August 1903, there were two short-term visits of the Russian Tsar Nicholas II with his family members and court people. 
The house bears the name of Two Admirals” because of the two persons; the Fortress Commandant and the Naval Port Commander who were both officers of the admiral rank and were most often met here. 
In 1913, both storey’s of the building were reconstructed and adjusted for the Headquarters of the Liepaja Naval Base Aviation Corps and apartments for the senior officers. During this period the greatest changes are connected with rebuilding at eastern corner i.e. left wing. In time of the Latvian Government over the 1920s and 1930s, the building became the headquarters of the Liepāja Garrison, as there were the Liepāja and Ventspils Infantry Regiments “Red Insignia”, the Artillery Squadron of Kurzeme “Blue Insignia”, the Cavalry “Yellow Insignia” the Gunnery Laboratory “Black Insignia: and Marine and Pilot Units stationed in Liepāja. 
During 1940-1941, the Headquarters of the 67th Riflemen’s Division of the Soviet Army was disposed here. The division commander was the Major General N. Dedayev who was wounded by a mine explosion at the northern redoubt of the Middle Fort during the first days of defense of Liepāja against the Hitler’s troops on June 1941. He died on 27 June of the same year in the Central Navy Hospital. 
The USSR Navy units had their headquarters in this house too. It was only in May 1994 that the Russian Federation “the former Soviet” Army troops left the house.
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